The Time Is Now

By Firparkcorner
Last updated : 27 September 2017

The time is now as Roisin Murphy would sing.  The CIS Cup final is now merely hours away and for Motherwell fans the tension is mounting.  It is a huge occasion and whilst it will make us nervous we should not forget to enjoy the day as well!


C:WindowsTempphpC86F.tmpCup finals are rare things for us.Unless you’re old enough to remember the halcyon days of the 30s or early 50s, this will be only the second Hampden final in your lifetime.


All those mediocre home defeats, the dire away displays and hundreds of hours of your time and thousands of pounds in cash have been invested in Motherwell.

Dividends are rare, that is true.But when there is a return, what a feeling you get.


Old Firm fans get a hard time and deservedly so in many cases.There are however several thousand loyal Rangers football fans who will be at the final to support their team yet even they cannot begin to understand how we feel.If they win, great, but it’s just another cup.Most of them would struggle to tell you the difference between one triumph and another, simply because they will all have merged into each other.Instead, for us ‘Well fans, we will be talking about this campaign for years to come.The ridiculous penalty – and breathtaking save – at Morton, the journey to Inverness, the drinking session in Livingston and the unfair location of the semi final will all take on iconic status and be referred to, no doubt in slurred voices, in the pubs and clubs of Lanarkshire in revered tones.


But, for all that a rare chance of glory is within touching distance, we should not forget why we support our club.We do not support our club to win trophies, we support our club because of pride in our team, pride in the area, and to follow in the footsteps of our fathers who have gone to
FirPark and their fathers before them.We support our club through good times and bad, knowing that no matter what upheaval life brings, Motherwell will be there and the supporters’ community that comes with it.We support our club knowing that one day, one day, it will all come good.

That day may be tomorrow or it may not.That is irrelevant.The League Cup final 2005 will be a joyous occasion and it is to be enjoyed.If we win, in a month’s time there will be 200 hardy souls wondering why they’ve wasted a day holiday to see us struggle in
Inverness.If we lose, perhaps there will only be 150 who make the journey.Not to matter.


Following our wonderful club is a glorious roller coaster ride.There are many lows and this is one of the occasional highs.Chant, drink and be merry this weekend but come 4.45pm on Sunday, be proud to be a ‘Well fan and be proud to be singing for our team as they walk up the stairs to collect their medals.

The team have not let us down yet – and they won’t on Sunday either.

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