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Edmundson is hunted Edmundson is hunted
Rangers now favourites
Edmundson in demand Edmundson in demand
Presyton are keen to sign him
Trust update Trust update
This would directly benefit the club
Who's for the hot seat? Who's for the hot seat?
the club will be starting again
Latics win award Latics win award
Lang - "It was probably the best moment of my life"
What next for Wild? What next for Wild?
set to hold talks
Gardner on move?
Shez shows interest
Players on move
last games played?
New training facilities
Chapel Road upgrade
Wild vows to remain professional
"What will happen with me I don't know"
Exeter 1 Latics 0
Wild - "I was really disappointed"
Wild factor crucial
"his influence has been remarkable"
Wild clocks up another
2-0, 2-0, 2-0
Pete Wild comments
The lads really worked hard
Latics 2 Tranmere 0
"Oldham Athletic were the unlikely side"
Latics 2 Grimsby 0
Wild - "I thought we were good for at least a 2-0 victory"
Fan's letter to owner
Trust Oldham asks for answers
Latics to move homes?
more nonsense in the background at Boundary Park
Wild back in charge?
or is he?
Abdallah Lemsagam fires back
How can I interfere with his job when I am away in Dubai?
Sheridan adds his thoughts
"I don't think he needs Oldham, Paul Scholes"
Join the Board!
Scholes resignation sparks new initiative
Latics' owner gives a statement
on Paul Scholes
Why Scholes left
the persistent meddling of the owner...
Scholes resigns
I will continue to watch and support the club as a fan

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